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本项目位于辽宁省沈阳市,总面积3500平方以上。设计师运用不同的设计手法创造全新的娱乐体验,打造出一个融合音乐、潮流、娱乐都市夜生活聚集地。 设计团队在设计过程中强化了活动过程中的节奏,声、光、影的强烈对比,似无意间进入了一个远离现实的未来空间,神秘且充满诱惑,不断变化的光影,使人无法分清界限, 设计团队在满足功能需求的基础上,运用现代简约的设计语言,划分空间增强其表现力。在整体空间中,综合运用不锈钢、玻璃、石材等不同材料,利用不同材质的特性形成韵律感,并利用通透材料,提高空间穿透性形成丰富的层次;配合不同材质、灯光的运用处理,呈现整个空间从点到面的多样变化,创造出不同寻常的感官体验。 考虑到娱乐场所有别于日常生活工作空间,设计团队加大了对光的运用,使光不仅仅只有照明的作用,而是为空间造型和表达的一个重要元素。摒弃普通照明, 根据不同的功能和作用将光源进行划分,结合平面布置,立面造型、材质和天花形式选用不同的照明方式、灯具、光源色彩、照度等,在同一空间呈现出不同场景,彻底打破日常生活的框架,更大胆自由的呈现与众不同的夜生活,满足对新鲜事物的好奇,同时缓解压力。
Project Description
King Of Party KTV,located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, the total area of this project is more than of 3500㎡. In order to provide a unique entertainment experience, designers used diverse design techniques to create a nightlife gathering place that integrates with music, fashion and entertainment. In the design process, JFR Studio emphasized a lively rhythm of activities and a strong contrast between sound, light and shadow, which make people feel like entering a mysterious and alluring space that far away from reality. Based on the functions, JFR Studio divided the space using modern design principles to enhance its expressiveness. Materials such as stainless steel, glass, stones, etc. are widely used, which create a sense of rhythm through their different characteristics and textures. And the application of transparent materials improves richness in layers. JFR Studio also increased the application of lighting, considering the distinction between entertainment spaces and working spaces. Except from its original lighting function, lighting there works as an important design element. According to different functions and effects of the light sources, designers carefully chose different lighting methods, lamps and lanterns and illuminant color and luminance. People will get a refreshing nightlife experience surrounded by abundant lighting.

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