Youngor 001 Fashion Concept Store
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随着全渠道销售的商业模式兴起,新零售业态已悄然进入了大家的生活,在这种更侧重服务性消费的业态下,雅戈尔集团作为全国高档服装品牌的龙头企业,联合JFR Studio在集团总部所在地宁波,打造当地地标性设计雅戈尔001时尚体验馆,从消费者体验出发,开发能够给与顾客多重消费感官体验的体验馆作为未来消费产业的标配和常态。
该项目原始建筑是一个外立面为玻璃的半圆球体,JFR将球体内部全部拆除,中心设置成一个伞状核心筒,散开的伞面运用随机穿孔元素,同时满足了内部光影效果和遮光需求,核心筒的设置也满足了竖向交通的需求。 根据雅戈尔集团旗下不同品牌的风格属性和受众,设计师在整体统一的基础上,运用不同材料和设计手法,将不同系列所独具的丰富的内涵和卓越的品质汇聚在一起,为消费者缔造丰富的购物体验。 除了伞状核心筒设立的电梯,设计师在空间入口两侧设置了拾级而上的大阶梯,阶梯尺寸比普通阶梯尺寸要更宽一些,一方面是为了满足卖场不定期的展示需求,另外还可以供客人随意坐下休憩,且能够满足多人小型活动的需求。设立在阶梯两边的楼梯将一楼轻薄运动系列和二楼更加商务化高端化的MAYOR、HANP品牌的商业空间分隔开,将顾客引流至购物面积更大的二楼,也丰富了旗舰店的商品展陈。
JFR Studio从消费者体验出发,开发能够给与顾客多重消费感官体验的体验馆作为未来消费产业的标配和常态。 材质方面设计师采用了金属网、竹编、水磨石等大量可循环使用或自然生长的环保材料,更在空间中使用发光膜等材料模拟自然光从而加深消费者对自然的感受。 体验馆被设计师打造成一个兼具经典优雅和现代潮流的展示平台,将传统品牌源源不断的生命力以全新模式呈现在大众眼前、沉稳不失活力,创新永保品质。
Project Description
Seeing new retail quietly penetrating into and changing people’s lifestyle, YOUNGOR Group teamed up with JFR Studio to present YOUNGOR 001 Fashion Concept Store. Located in Ningbo – also the home to the Group's headquarters, the project is intended to reshape Youngor’s brand image.
User Value
The original building at the construction site was a half sphere with glass façade. JFR completely demolished the interior of the sphere and built an umbrella-shaped core tube in the center. The unfolded umbrella, featuring random perforation, can offer both sufficient natural light and a desirable light-shadow effect, while the core tube has organically connected different spaces in the building in the vertical sense. As Youngor owns a lineup of sub-brands with varied styles, attributes and target consumers, the designers applied different materials and design approaches to highlight their uniqueness, while bringing them together in a harmonious manner. Their diversified features and superior quality will surely create an impressive shopping experience for consumers. Besides the elevator built within the core tube, ultra-wide steps were also designed on both sides of the entrance, which not only allow the shopping mall to display products from time to time, but also serve as a space for guests to sit, relax, and interact. To naturally diverting customers upstairs and diversify showcase forms, stairways are arranged on two sides of the steps, separating the Thin & Light Sports collection on Level 1 and the more commercial and high-end space for brands MAYOR and HANP on Level 2.
Business Performance
The VIP lounge, café, Youngor Garment Museum, VR Experience Room, and Children's Play Area featured in the space are a breakthrough compared with traditional Chinese stores. These facilities make Youngor 001 Fashion Concept Store go beyond the role as an O2O experience center, but also a VIP service center, and a communication center that spreads Younger’s fashion culture.
Project Achievements
Starting from consumer experience, JFR Studio develops experience galleries that can give customers multiple sensory experiences of consumption as the standard and normal of future consumer industry。 In terms of construction materials, a large number of green materials that can grow by themselves or be recycled, such as metal mesh, plaited bamboo, and terrazzo, were used. To create an environment that is closest to the nature, the designers also applied luminescent films, as a way to simulate natural light. The experience pavilion has been built by the designer into a display platform with both classic elegance and modern trends, presenting the continuous vitality of traditional brands to the public in a new mode. It is composed, dynamic and innovative.

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