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本项目位于上海中心城区,是设计师和业主共同为重要的客人打造的一家私厨。 餐厅拥有采用喜马拉雅岩盐制成的干式熟成室、开放的食材储存区和专业的酒窖,使大家能直观的欣赏和挑选食材,并且设立了开放式厨房,可以让客人欣赏到不同料理技法的展示,营造一种健康、信任的气氛,创造一个多功能的餐饮空间。 原始建筑为大楼的一处自行车停放车库,设计中巧妙地分为两大部分:一处是停放区的平台部分现在成为了用餐区和开始厨房;推行的坡道部分则被设计成了专业酒窖。其中用餐区也利用了倾斜向上的空间,设立一个小小的隔层,作为酒类、奶酪、火腿等食材的储藏区。
Project Description
This project is located in the central city of Shanghai. It is a private kitchen jointly created by the designer and the owner for important guests. Restaurants have Dry Aged Room made of Himalayan rock salt, open storage area and professional wine cellars, make everybody can intuitive appreciation and selection of ingredients, and set up the open kitchen, can let a guest to enjoy different display of the cooking techniques, to build an atmosphere of health, trust, create a multi-functional dining space. The original building was a bicycle parking garage for the building, which was cleverly divided into two parts: a terrace for the parking area that now serves as the dining area and starting kitchen; The ramps are designed as wine cellars. The dining area also takes advantage of the sloping upward space to set up a small compartment as a storage area for wine, cheese, ham and other ingredients.
User Value
The project is a private kitchen of a Black Pearl restaurant on the list. It is designed to customize private banquet for important guests of the restaurant, creating a private place for them to enjoy food and communicate with family and friends.
Business Performance
Compared to a normal restaurant, Hik9's dry-aged room, open storage area and professional wine cellar allow you to visually appreciate and select ingredients. The open kitchen allows guests to enjoy the display of different cooking techniques and creates an atmosphere of health and trust. For the materials, we chose bronze and black walnut to match the floodlit lighting to give people a warm and natural feeling.The fair-faced concrete wall highlights the architectural essence, while the white oak is used in the wine cellar to create a professional wine cabinet for storing high-end wine.
Social Impact
The original building was a bicycle parking garage for the building, which was cleverly divided into two parts: a parking deck that now serves as a dining area and starting kitchen; The ramps are designed as wine cellars.
Team Structure
JFR team is consisted of4 members: 1x Design director, 1x PM, 1x 3D artists, 1x interior designers
Throughout the construction phase of the project, JFR Studio has collaborated closely with the client representatives and the construction team to ensure that the highest built quality is achieved on time and within budget. Regular meetings with all suppliers on-site were held every week to rectify any unforeseen site issues efficiently and effectively. Numerous custom-made sample pieces also contributed to the final success of the project.
Project Investment
Design Cycle: 2Mouths Construction Cost: RMB 2million
Project Achievements
The owners of the restaurant and designers at JFR Studio have agreed to provide friends and regulars with an intimate and comfortable place to enjoy food in this rapid iteration of the stresses of urban life.

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