Soda Port
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澳门独特的建筑遗迹是关键的设计元素。 室内空间装饰有圣保罗遗址、议事亭前地广场、葡萄牙风格瓷砖、教堂彩色玻璃和其他复古材料的文化遗产元素。 所有这些都揭示了澳门独特的中欧殖民历史。餐厅包含一个名为“TATO”的私人用餐隔间和主餐厅。 “TATO”包括一个半圆形开放式厨房,围绕着象征澳门旅游塔外观的柱子。 主餐厅是一个现代复古的空间,铺有大理石地板,让人想起议事亭前地的石板街。 酒吧上方的几何结构将您带入了 50 年代的澳门,而教堂的彩色玻璃屏风则照亮了卡座位餐区。在历史悠久的圣保罗遗址的背景下,设有一个安静的用餐角同样靠着葡萄牙瓷砖特色墙。
设计采用了观光概念, 以体现澳门政府以创新思维将小岛塑造成一个热情好客的旅游休闲胜地。餐厅内部装饰是其独特的中欧历史缩影, 以现代风格手法重塑非凡的建筑元素。
位于渔人码头(澳门最大的休闲及主题娱乐中心),旅客可在此体验丰富多元的娱乐节目、独特文化和美食佳肴。「苏打阜」 提供食客与众不同的用餐体验,让宾客能一瞬间欣赏到城市的重要文化精髓。
拥有超过400年的葡萄牙殖民地历史,澳门保留着独特的中欧文化、艺术和建筑遗产。整体设计旨在保育这种独有文化,并将其融入现代生活中, 而内部建构概念亦围绕着一系列的重要建筑遗迹而打造。
Mas Studio Limited 的设计总监李芯泳小姐及其团队负责项目的室内设计工作。
Project Description
Macau's unique architectural relics are key design elements. The Interior space is furnished with elements of the cultural heritage of Ruínas de São Paulo, Senado Square, Portuguese-style tiles, church stained glass, and other vintage materials. All these reveal Macau's unique Chinese-European colonial history. The restaurant contains a private dining compartment named ‘TATO’ and the main dining hall. ‘TATO’ includes a semi-circular open kitchen around a pillar figurative of the outlook of the Macao Tower. The main dining hall is a modern vintage space paved with marble stone floors reminding of the flagstone street of Senado Square. The geometric structure above the drinking bar draws you to a Macao in the ’50s whereas the church stained glass screens brighten up the free seating area. A quiet dining corner is built in the context of the historic Ruínas de São Paulo against a Portuguese tiled feature wall.
User Value
A sight-seeing concept fulfills the government’s mission to sustain innovative thinking to shape Macao into a hospitable city of tourism and leisure. Interior is the epitome of the peninsula’s unique Chinese-European history. Remarkable architectural features are included in a modern style.
Business Performance
Located at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, the largest leisure and themed entertainment complex, where visitors experience versatile entertainment, unique culture, and food. ‘Soda Port’ offers a unique hospitality experience that allows diners to appreciate the city’s cultural essence under one roof.
Social Impact
Leased to Portugal for over 400 years, it has left behind a heritage of colonial culture, art, and architecture. Overall design aims at conserving this unique Chinese-European culture and incorporating it into its’ modern life. Its’ form revolves around a variety of architectural relics.
Team Structure
Monique Lee, the design director of Mas Studio Limited, and her team are responsible for the interior design of the project.
Project Achievements
The open kitchen is symbolic of the modern Macao tower while the dining hall is the epitome of Macao’s history. The floor design reminds me of the flagstone street of Senado Square. A nostalgic bar, church stained glass screens, and historic Ruínas de São Paulo all reveal its’ unique architectural features.

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