Wuxi Crazy Tractor Farm
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关键词:田野游乐 主题农场 生态自然 丨这是一个令人向往的农场丨 无锡疯狂拖拉机农场是国内首个以拖拉机驾驶体验为主题的新型农场主题度假产品,于2018年夏季开业,项目由田园东方投资集团有限公司与上海争伯设计联手打造,占地约100亩。 无锡疯狂拖拉机农场拥有原创的主题IP,以农场的鸡、牛、羊为原型,设计IP角色,农场的背景故事线为三个被外星人改造的农场动物,他们建造了一座疯狂拖拉机农场并发生了一系列有趣的故事。 丨这是一个好玩的农场丨 项目以拖拉机驾驶体验串联整个农场的游玩体验,游客可以自主驾驶我们研发定制的拖拉机狂奔于田野与村庄中,更有无动力卡丁车、农场游戏、动物村庄等体验项目,同时,利用农场里的大片种植农田,开展青少年农业研学教育基地,为青少年儿童科普农作物知识,设计果蔬种植及采摘等活动。 丨这是一个可以度假的农场丨 疯狂拖拉机农场内还设计田野营地作为住宿配套,与牛路野营品牌合作打造品牌旗下最大的露营地,倡导野营休闲度假新风尚,有格瓦拉帐篷、星空帐篷两种形式的帐篷共41间,旨在提供温馨舒适和自然野趣兼得的野营体验。
Project Description
Keywords: field play, themed farm, ecological nature 丨 This is a desirable farm 丨 Wuxi Crazy Tractor Farm is the first farm-themed vacation product with a theme of tractor driving experience in China. It opened in the summer of 2018. The project was jointly created by New Pastoralism Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jumbo Design, covering an area of ​​about 100 acres. Wuxi Crazy Tractor Farm has an original theme IP. It uses chickens, cows, and sheep on the farm as prototypes and designs IP characters. The background story line of the farm is three farm animals transformed by aliens. They built a Crazy Tractor Farm and a series of interesting stories happened. 丨 This is a fun farm 丨 The project uses a tractor driving experience to connect the entire farm's play experience. Tourists can independently drive our developed custom tractors to run wild in the fields and villages. There are also unpowered karts, farm games, animal villages and other experience projects. Planting farmland, developing adolescent agricultural research and education bases, and designing fruit and vegetable planting and picking activities for young children and children's knowledge of popular crops. 丨 This is a farm for vacation 丨 The Crazy Tractor Farm also designed field camping grounds as accommodation facilities, and cooperated with the Newroll Glamping brand to create the brand's largest camping ground, advocating new styles of camping, leisure and vacation. There are 41 tents in the form of Guevara tents and starry tents. Designed to provide a warm and comfortable camping experience with both nature and wildlife.
User Value
Visitors can experience the purest, most primitive, and most ecological fun in the crazy tractor farm. While playing, they can also learn about agriculture in a fun way, and pass the concept of green and organic life to each tourist. Give them a whole new way of life. The professional research curriculum system can become a child's second classroom and a base for children's quality education.
Social Impact
In accordance with national policies to promote the development of rural tourism, we provide urban people with a new leisure and vacation mode. Urban people can contact nature here, learn about nature, experience field fun, and remember childhood memories.

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