Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage
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联想的个人云存储,将用户的数据存储在一个安全方便的地方。有了互联网连接和双硬盘,这种个人云存储提供了24/7随时随地访问用户的宝贵数据。 与传统或专业网络附加存储不同,联想个人云存储的设计体现了当今中国家庭的高端生活方式。该设备具有友好的体验,旨在将网络附加存储技术带给普通消费者。其超薄的配置文件是为更小和更易于管理的足迹。盖子设计包含一个独特的机制,提供了优越的体验,同时安全地锁定两个宝贵的硬盘驱动器在适当的地方。 联想个人云存储独特的外立面设计。这个设计是基于这样一个理念:这个设备应该向我们的用户传达一种安全的感觉。本产品的主要目的是安全存储用户数据。因此,我们从古希腊的多利安石柱中获得了设计灵感,并模仿大树的垂直模式。同时,该立面不仅赋予了该设备独特的外观,而且通过增加表面积显著提高了散热效果。联想个人云存储将成为现代家庭全新的数据存储方式。
Project Description
This is a Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage that stores user’s data in a safe and convenient place. With the internet connectivity and dual hard drives, this Personal Cloud Storage provides a 24/7 anywhere and anytime access to users’ valued data. Unlike traditional or professional Network Attached Storage, this Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage has a design that reflects a premium lifestyle of today’s Chinese families. With a friendly experience and atheistic, this device is aimed to bring network attached storage technology to regular consumers. Its slim profile is designed for a smaller and more manageable footprint. The lid design contains a unique mechanism that provides a superior experience, meanwhile securely locks two precious hard drives in place. Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage ’s unique outer housing is designed with a vertical facade. The design was started with a notion that this device should convey a secure feeling to our users. Given the primary purpose of this product, to store user’s data securely. Therefore, we gathered our design inspiration from ancient Greek Doric Pillar, and mimicking the vertical patterns appears on giant trees. Meanwhile, this facade not only gives this device a unique appearance but also increase cooling efficacy dramatically by increasing surface area. Combined with all the heart and effort, this Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage is going to be a brand-new method of data storage for modern families.

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