Tangshan Aegean Shopping Park
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中国唐山是中国中东部的传统重工业城市和港口城市,是环渤海地区新型工业化基地、也是首都经济圈重要支点。唐山爱琴海购物公园地处唐山传统商业繁华区,辐射整个市区及周边区域,是一个综合开发项目,与可持续的商业、高层住宅、办公塔楼和休闲开发项目紧密地交织在一起。总建筑面积:460,000 ㎡,购物中心面积:89,202 ㎡。
项目通过考虑多元文化生态体系,融合了当地文化与未来愿景,为唐山市民提供更具体验的独特记忆的商业社区基地。 该项目取得了超预期的呈现效果及客户满意度,在设计流程中,设计师对项目结构进行深度分析和优化:项目建筑空间楼层较高,原有狭窄的垂拔空间不利于商业氛围的营造。设计师将一侧原有直线型洞口统一调整为弧线形,同时加设飞梯和去掉阻碍视线的三层连桥,新的动线规划扩展出了更大的视线空间。通过对主要结构的改动将不同的商业空间进行串联,每个区域都有独特的主题和清晰的标志,优化后的动线系统也促进了顾客的参与。
Project Description
Total area: 460,000 ㎡ Shopping center area: 89,202 ㎡ As a traditional heavy industry and harbor city in China, closed to Beijing, Tangshan is very important for capital economy, also changing better all the time. As a comprehensive project, it locates at core business zone, integrated with high residential, office building and leisure zone around.
User Value
Tangshan Aegean Shopping Park accelerates the business success of RED STAR in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.
Business Performance
Tangshan Aegean Shopping Park attracts JIA WAN JIA supermarket, WANDA cinema city, Notting Hill wedding, CHANGBA KTV, XING DAO garden and so on, which is the most fashionable commercial project in Tangshan with some kinds of new top 1 commerce. That meets almost all the entertainment and shopping consumption needs. There are up to 60 restaurant brands here with area of 30,000㎡. Children zone comes to 15,000㎡and is the largest one in Tangshan.
Social Impact
The project supplies such more young and modern life-style which is social, leisure and holiday-likely to local people. The project will give more enlightening for current city ecological business development.
It locates at core business zone, integrated with high residential, office building and leisure zone around, as well as local culture and future vision to create an unforgetful site. The project has achieved more than expected effect and customer satisfaction. In the design process, designers gave structure analysis and optimization. There are 6 levels inside. The space is quite high inside but sorrow in vertical. That is not helpful for business. Then designers change the traffic line plan for more vision, for example, the curve line of long street instead of straight line, adding escalator, cutting three connecting bridge, etc. Through changing the main structure, the theme concept and image become clear and different business space integrates better. This improves the interactive here.
Project Achievements
The project supplies a leisure site which is holiday-likely in city nearby house and achieves more than expected satisfaction. On the opening day, there are over 260,000 people visiting here and spread quickly via wechat.

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