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Project Description
In the case of Huizhou Dayawan Deluxe lake view room, Fangxing building because of geographical reasons not neat, less storage space, the pattern is not clear, after reasonable space to strengthen regional planning functions, with hanging TV background separating dining room separated, meet the owners of the space division requirements, combined with modern decoration, wood veneer with the technique combination, to create a natural city residential, to create a modern and comfortable Home Furnishing.
User Value
To create a home for her own style of home
Business Performance
Social Impact
Improve the quality of modern home decoration, and guide people to aspire to a sense of design, rational planning of home life.
Team Structure
The CAD draftsman and the 3D effect diagram are all involved in the discussion and give reasonable suggestions.
To achieve the desired results, communication barrier free, timely understanding of customer ideas and communication, reference maps and renderings, so that customers really feel at home, this is effective way to do.
Project Investment
About three months. It costs about 15W
Project Achievements
The goal is to complete the company's task, and the results of communication with the owners smoothly, not only the effect of late presentation, customer satisfaction, but also with customers become friends without words. This is an unexpected surprise for me in this project!

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