Suzhou longliqi office space design
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隆力奇办公室新址位于苏州工业园区东平街渠成大厦4F,空间设计由柒设计事务所室内空间组设计完成,摄影由晟苏建筑摄影拍摄,整个项目占地约500㎡。作为一家富有创造力的公司,她的办公空间的设计的主要考量点放在如何通过室内设计提高工作效率和提升公司形象上。 位于苏州工业园区东平街渠成大厦四楼的隆力奇办公空间,室内面积约500㎡。整个空间设计现代简约,色彩上采用蓝色和白色作为主色调,大面积的留白开敞,使得空间变得通透,蓝、黄、灰等颜色在大面积的白色面上显得丰富且过渡自然,为空间增添了时尚和趣味感,缓解既定空间的压抑感。在材料的选取上,软硬结合,家具的软包,金属栅格,木饰面的使用,现代而不失人情味。在空间秩序上,线条利落干净,曲中有直,直中有曲,粗细线条错落有致,纵横交错间将空间分割的秩序统一。在使用功能上,工作区采用开放式设计,各区之间设有共享及支援协作空间,空间的重新组合以适应工作和业务发展带来的变化。整个室内空间与大楼格调一直,正与工艺美术运动中莫里斯的思想一致,“设计的整体性,室内空间的物品和建筑风格相统一、相和谐”。 色调鲜明,材质层次丰富,空间分割统一,细节考量周全,各要素共同构成了现在的隆力奇办公空间。在苛求舒适的同时,又极重工作上的沟通和融洽,激发人们享受创意带来如泉涌迸发一样的灵感。
Project Description
Long force, the new office is located in suzhou industrial park, dongping street canal into 4 f, building space design completed by pure design group office interior space design, photography by sheng Su Jianzhu photographic film, the project covers an area of about 500 ㎡.As a creative company, her office space design of the main considerations point on how to improve work efficiency by interior design and improve the image of the company. Located in suzhou industrial park, dongping street canal into building long force on the fourth floor, office space, indoor area of about 500 ㎡.On the whole space design is contemporary and contracted, the color of blue and white as the main tonal, the white of large area open, make the space becomes transparent, blue, yellow, gray color in the white of large area such as surface appear rich and natural transition, for the space added a sense of fashion and fun, relieve the depressive feeling of space.On the selection of materials, hard and soft, soft package of furniture, metal grid, wooden decorative surface is used, the modern and do not break the milk of human kindness.On the spatial order, lines, agile and clean piece of straight, straight in the song, thick line is strewn at random have send, unified interlace between the segmentation of the space order.On the use function, work area with open design, with sharing and support collaboration space between districts, the recombination of space to adapt to the changes in the work and business development.Whole and interior space, with the building style is consistent with the idea that morris in the arts and crafts movement, \"the integrity of the design and interior space objects and architectural style of unity and harmony\". Bright color, rich in material level, the space division is unified, detail considerations, the elements combine to make the office space now lung power.In demanding comfortable at the same time, and very heavy work on communication and rapport, inspire people enjoy creative inspiration burst of inspiration.

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