Dongguan Kangdi Hotel Restaurant
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本设计项目东莞康帝國際酒店,它極具特色的標誌性建築被譽為“東莞之門”,環境優美,地理位置優越,冬無嚴寒,夏無酷暑,春秋季節,陽光充足而不曝,空氣濕潤而清潔...... 本方案裝修設計的總原則是充分展示西式西餐廳特有的文化內涵和經營特色,力求個性鮮明突出,達到引人注目,休閒舒適的最佳效果。。。 白蘭花有著優雅潔白的外形,又是東莞市市花,我們將餐廳定義為白蘭餐廳,從東莞當地的“夢幻百花洲”提取寶藍色作為空間的主調色。 穿過接待大廳進入餐廳,入口將水景和植物引入室內,是傳統風水中財富的象徵,空間材質主色調為高級灰色調,無論地面石材鋪設到布菲台材質都和諧統一,大面積的高級灰色為寶藍色的空間跳色營造了足夠優雅的氛圍,寶藍色藝術擺件及傢俱用品搭配白蘭花亞克力燈箱與玫瑰金的金屬屏風交相輝映,即富貴又豐富了整個空間的色彩。 高品質的接待服務,優雅舒適的空間環境,搭配精緻的餐具,豐富的菜品,食物鮮香的口感瞬間充滿整個味蕾。 民以食為天,在方案中,我們運用了許多展示性食材及陶罐藝術品,以及一些金屬製品,將飲食文化的淳樸與人們追尋的舒適的現代生活結合起來,相互結合,相互呼應。 我們將中國傳統文化與現代文化融合在一起,將傳統意義的風格進行改良,融會貫通加以提煉,去除繁瑣以求全新的輕奢休閒文化意蘊。 色彩上我們延續了蘭花純淨的色澤,及局部點綴的跳躍色彩,充分展示整個空間豐富多姿。
H Design / 深圳市旋木尚艺装饰工程有限公司
Project Description
The design of Dongguan Kangdi International Hotel, its unique landmark is known as the "Dongguan Gate", a beautiful environment, location, winter without cold, summer without heat, spring and autumn season, the sun is full and not exposed, air Wet and clean ... The general principle of the design of the program is to fully display the Western-style restaurant unique cultural connotation and operating characteristics, and strive to highlight the outstanding personality, to attract attention, leisure and comfort the best results. The The White orchid has an elegant white shape, the city Flower of Dongguan City, we will be defined as the restaurant White orchid restaurant, from Dongguan local Location to extract the blue as the main color of the space color. Through the reception hall into the restaurant, the entrance will be the introduction of water and plants into the room, is a symbol of the wealth of traditional feng shui, the main colors of the space material for the advanced gray tones, regardless of the ground stone laying to the materials are harmonious unity, large area of ​​high gray For the blue color of the space to create a bright enough elegant atmosphere, sapphire blue art ornaments and furniture supplies with white orchid acrylic light box and rose gold metal screens pamper each other, that is rich and rich the color of the entire space. High quality reception service, elegant and comfortable space environment, with exquisite tableware, rich dishes, food fragrance taste instantly filled the taste buds. In the project, we use a lot of display materials and pottery works of art, as well as some metal products, the food culture of honest and people to pursue the comfort of modern life together, combined with each other, echo each other. We will be the integration of traditional Chinese culture and modern culture, the traditional sense of the style of improvement, integration through to be refined, to remove the cumbersome in order to achieve a new light luxury cultural implication. Color, we continued the orchid pure color, and the local embellishment of the jump color, full display of the entire space rich.
User Value
Dongguan Kangdi International Hotel unique characteristics of the landmark building known as the "Dongguan Gate", the project is completed, this restaurant is also known as Dongguan, one of the most representative and characteristic Western-style restaurant.
Business Performance
After the completion of the project, the high quality reception service combined with elegant and comfortable space environment, so that the restaurant's turnover steadily.
Social Impact
For customers to bring a better dining environment
Team Structure
Strict implementation of the whole case design, hardware guidance supervision to the soft design, lighting design, soft custom ordered procurement, by the main design team to perform, so the effect is expected to achieve controllability.
H Design Firm
Project Investment
The project will take 8 months from project to delivery. Cost $ 12 million
Project Achievements
The project aims to become the most representative hotel in Dongguan, restaurant. The end result is also expected.

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